Hi All,

This is my first post as a passionate travel blogger and I sincerely hope to convey what I want to through my post. My blogs are not just about the information about the place but the intention is to make you feel each and every moment of my journeys as though it is your own. When you read my blogs, keep your imagination hat on! for that is how you will be able to feel it the most.

This does not mean that it will be short of information for those of you who have the ” how to” questions. I will try and provide as accurate information as possible.

Vignettebyurmi started with the goal to look at travel holistically. Not just something you do when you have surplus time or money but something that is life! something that you cannot live without. Something that is necessary for well-being!

Close your eyes! Imagine what you read and feel every moment of my blogs! Happy reading.

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