I am sure you would agree that there is something very unique about the entire experience of travel. The excitement of buying new things, waking up at odd times to rush to the airport.. A secret, I love sitting at the boarding gate waiting to board with my leg on the suitcase! I dont know if we actually care about how we look. I never manage to look good!

At this point, there is a 14 hour long journey ahead of us. It was not untill we reached dubai that we realised that we were actually far far away from home. More to come!

If you are travelling from Sydney to Dubai, keep your adrenaline high and keep drinking water .. wink!

What did I learn?

Another thing I learnt on this trip, I definitely like the aisle seat! I do not think I would have it any other way! This time around, my partnet had the liberty to book the window seat for me. Even though zillions of people would love the window seat, if you are someone who likes to move around and stand up, please book the aisle seat! The Emirates flight was great and spacious but I wish I had booked the Premium economy. Do not forget to check that out the next time you travel!

If you are booking the connecting flight and you do have a choice, please ensure you have enough layover time in Dubai to rest and relax. There are 2 very good lounges, the plaza premium lounge and the Marhaba lounge and both have similar showering, and entertainment facilities. I would prefer the Marhaba lounge though, just because the seating facility is pretty cosy! – Give it a go.

More to come.. stay with me in my journey.

To see more videos visit –https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7M0Qt_OTlkK0aawJACGREEvawJKHy1x2

Also feel free to look up some amazing photos from my trip –https://pin.it/2afuVxA

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