Sometimes, I am short of words… dont get me wrong, I am talking about my actions.. Sometimes, I cannot freaking figure out why I do some things – I can asssure you, booking the trip to Greece was not one of them.. um. Booking expensive flight tickets was definitely it.

This will be my first time to Greece. I have spent a lot of time travelling all over the world and travel has always been a truly life-changing experience and made me realize that the world was much bigger and beyond the place I grew up in. In preparation for a return trip to Athens and Santorini, I bought some guidebooks and started to plan my trip.

Nothing comes closer to the feeling of exploring a new place, discovering the art and cuisine, meeting the locals. Greece is one of those places – well.. it is exciting because till now I have only heard it but very soon, I will be able to let you know my real experience. Stay tuned..

For now, I will guide you through my complicated mind and explain to you how you can plan for a trip to Greece and what are the do’s and don’ts.

I usually prefer checking Flight scanner to find out the cheapest flights but this one time, it did not work, because I was not booking my trip in advance. Folks, when you do plan for Greece, please ensure you book your trip well in advance. I was in a bit of a situation because my heart was fixated on going to greece, infact probably it had already taken off, and my mind and bank balance were trying to scare me off. However, as always with me, my heart won and I ended up buying the ticket for 10K return for 2 people in economy 🙁 – Dont be me.

I have booked Emirates so hoping for an amazing flight quality. Time will tell..

My partner and I fly to dubai from Sydney and there is a stopover for 6 hours in Dubai. What say mates? – time for some duty free shopping? I will let you know how it goes. From Dubai to Athens is about 7 hours and hoping to reach on time since it is Christmas and would love to have some good Christmas dinner overlooking the acropolis.. sounds like a dream 😀

After spending 2 sleepless nights on Expedia and I finally found a hotel of my choice in Athens. Let me not confuse you, those sleepless nights were out of excitement … well, honestly partly because I am a maniac when it comes to booking travels, it is my passion :D. After a lot of consideration, I booked the B4B Athens Signature Hotel and I had read, the staff seem very friendly and warm.. well as a skeptic, will only know better when I am there..

I will let you know about the experience in detail once I am back..I am excited just as I am writing this blog and cannot wait ..

I particularly went for the room with the view to Acropolis – I have a particular image in my mind.. candle light dinner while watching the acropolis lit up at night .. sounds cheesy but it is true, common guys dont laugh at me.

This hotel has an inhouse restaurant and lets hope they can arrange my “dream vision” for me 😀

Thats all I have done so far and hey by the way, only 2 weeks left! – gotta go now, will keep you updated as I plan the rest of the trip. I think travel plans without plans are the best!

Catch you soon!

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